For Board Chairs

For Board Chairs (or those who chair other governing bodies)

We have a range of services which may be of interest to you, to help you get the best from your Board.

Board and Committee Support
A practical, professional and proactive service to ensure you get the best from all of your meetings – from start to finish.

Governance Reviews
We can help you benchmark to best practice and plan your own “governance journey” to get the best from whichever code or standard you choose (or have) to follow.

Board Effectiveness Reviews
With the growing focus on board evaluation, it is essential to ensure your board and committees are performing well and continue to improve – we bring a constructive approach, with challenge where it is needed.

Professional Development
We provide practical, in-house training, covering many aspects of corporate governance and company law, for both board members and their advisers.

Nominations Committee Support
If you have one of these committees but it is not doing very much, you are probably missing out! Let us review it with you to realise its full potential.

Coaching and Mentoring
Increase your confidence and be successful – we offer individual personal and professional development for those in a new role and those wishing to progress.

You may also be interested in the following services:



AGM Service

There is a lot to think about and the technical issues can be challenging for the unwary. We’ll take care of it all for you. You just have to turn up on the day!

IPO Service
Listing on the stockmarket is exciting, stressful and exhausting….. you’ll need all the help you can get. Let us be part of your team and we will support you with all the essential governance matters.


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