Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring

The first time someone attends a board or committee meeting it can be very daunting. Even for those with years of experience, joining a new board or taking on a new role can present unexpected challenges.

Our individual coaching and mentoring service is designed to get people through the early days, build up confidence, skills and knowledge and develop successfully into their role, whether it be company secretary, executive director, NED, committee chair or board chair.

Having worked with governing bodies of a wide range of organisations and their members over many years we have the knowledge and experience to help those new to their roles. We understand how governing bodies work and that they are all different. We appreciate that they aren’t perfect but can still be effective. The skills needed around the board table are many and varied. Some of these skills people will have naturally but others may need to be learned or developed further.

We have run workshops with company secretaries, directors and board and committee chairs to help them become more effective. We have seen the challenges that each of these roles can present. We can help people to discover their strengths and how to build on those to grow into their role and play a full part in the governing body process. This can be done individually or in small groups, depending on what is most appropriate for the individual and organisation concerned.

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