Governance Reviews

Governance Reviews

Investor and other stakeholder expectations about companies following best practice corporate governance continue to increase. This is seen as one of the ways to make sure that businesses are behaving well, which has been a major area of public scrutiny since the financial crisis.

In addition, organisations in other sectors, from the NHS, housing associations and mutuals, to pension fund trustees and professional bodies are also encouraged to introduce and maintain high standards of governance.

For many organisations, the main focus is on running and growing the business – or carrying out ‘the day job’.   The governance and compliance matters can be an unwelcome distraction. However, if they are considered carefully and implemented thoughtfully, they can actually enable the organisation to be more effective and help to reduce risk.

Our team of experienced company secretaries has a great deal of corporate governance expertise, across a wide variety of sectors. We can undertake a governance review for you against the most relevant benchmark. For commercial companies this is most likely to be the UK corporate governance code but there are alternatives for organisations in other sectors.

Having undertaken the review, we will make recommendations about what else you could do to improve your compliance with the appropriate code, without adding an unwelcome administrative burden.   We can help you develop an action plan to implement those of the recommendations which you choose to follow.

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