Nominations Committee Support

Nominations Committee Support

The nominations committee has perhaps been the poor relation of the three traditional governance committees and not always used to full advantage. This is a pity, because when this committee fulfils its intended role, the overall effectiveness of the board can be optimised.

The nominations committee is tasked with overseeing such issues as board composition and succession planning. Most board chairs will have a good sense of what each director brings to the table. However, we have found that when a skills audit is undertaken the “hidden depths” of the talent among board members comes to light. If you don’t know someone has certain skills you won’t be able to use them to their full potential.

We have worked with boards and committees over many years and across a wide variety of sectors. We have on our team the communication skills, diplomacy and sensitivity to address what can be tricky areas.

It goes without saying that when dealing with any of our clients we treat their details in the strictest confidence. Often our Board Effectiveness Reviews or Governance Reviews can be the catalyst for identifying issues which need to be addressed.

We tailor our services to the needs of our clients and should be pleased to discuss any areas where we can support your nominations committee and board processes. Our aim is to help you to:

  • remove any obstacles or barriers to board effectiveness
  • get the full benefit of the knowledge, skills and experience of those you have in place and
  • plan for regular refreshing of that knowledge, skills and experience as the needs of the organisation develop over time.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.